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Are you wondering to know about the Amarnath Yatra route map? Explore the map by reading this how-to-reach Amarnath temple guide. Amarnath Yatra is a pilgrimage holy tour for the person who wants relief from their life by taking the blessing of god.

Amarnath is a Hindumsim pilgrimage temple which is located in Jammu and Kashmir and its altitude around 3,888 meters in the Himalayas. This temple most temple is the most famous tourist destination worldwide. The Amarnath temple is dedicated to the lord Shiva, it is believed that Lord Shiva chose this Amarnath cave to tell the story of public welfare to the goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva devotees come to this temple to take a darshan and blessing when they make pilgrimage tours and the Amarnath yatra is also included in Chardham yatra places. The cave of Amarnath temple is a sign of the presence of Lord Shiva. That’s the reason why the majority of people want to come to the Amarnath temple. But some of the time people don’t know the right route to reach Amamrnth, this blog will guide you about reaching Amarnath temple cave.

How To Reach Amarnath Temple?

Reaching Amarnath involves a journey to the Amarnath Cave, which is situated in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Here are the general steps to reach Amarnath:

By Air To Reach Amarnath:

You can book your flight from your nearest location to Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar. After that, you can follow the general steps to reach Amarnath temple that we have mentioned below.

Step1. Book your Flight to Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport

Step2. Arrive In Shri Nagar

Step3. Travel to the Base Camp

Step4. Proceed to Amarnath Cave

Step5. Register for the Yatra

Step6. Follow the Guidelines like carrying warm clothing, rain gear, and other essentials for a safe and comfortable journey.

By Train To Reach Amarnath

The nearest railway station of Amarnath is Jammu Tawi so you can book your train from your nearest railway station to Jammu Tawi. After reaching Jammu, you take a Taxi, bus to reach Pahalgam or Baltal.  Then you can easily reach Amarnath. Some of the steps we have given in below, let’s check.

Step1. Book a Train Ticket to Jammu Tawi Railway Station from your nearest railway station

Step2. Arrive in Jammu and then you can take a taxi to reach Pahalgam and Baltal

Step3. Travel to the Base Camp

Step4. Proceed to Amarnath Cave:

Step5. Register for the Yatra

Step6. Follow the Guidelines

By Road To Reach Amarnath

If you want to go to Amarnath by road by using your vehicle you can then you should take a route to Pahalgam from your current route. After reaching Pahalgam and Batled these places are the two main base camps for Amarnath Yatra. Some of the steps are mentioned below, let’s check.

Step1. Choose a Base Camp

Step2. Travel to Jammu or Srinagar

Step3. Reach the Chosen Base Camp

Step4. Register for the Yatra

Step5. Proceed to Amarnath Cave

Step6. Follow the Guidelines

Trekking Routes For Amarnath Yatra:

The Amarnath Yatra affords two principal trekking routes to the sacred cave. The Baltal route, shorter but challenging, starts offevolved from Baltal, masking about 14 kilometers. The Pahalgam route, longer but gentler, starts at Pahalgam and spans around 36 kilometers. Pilgrims ought to be bodily in shape and organized for various climate stipulations all through the trek. You can choose two paths that we have mentioned below.

From Pahalgam

This route is longer however viewed easier. Pilgrims commence their trek from Pahalgam. The distance from Pahalgam to the Amarnath Cave is around 36 kilometers. The experience passes through inexperienced meadows, forests, and scenic landscape

From Baltal:

This is the shorter however greater difficult route. Pilgrims begin their experience in an area known as Baltal. The stroll from Baltal to the Amarnath Cave is about 14 kilometers.

Along the way, pilgrims can revel in the stunning views of the Himalayan mountains.

Helicopter services for Amarnath Yatra

For a handy and swift journey, Amarnath Yatra with the aid of a helicopter is a famous option. Helicopter offerings grant pilgrims a faster and extra comfy route to the sacred Amarnath Cave. This lets devotees keep away from the difficult trekking routes and limit journey time significantly. The helicopter carrier generally operates from Baltal or Pahalgam, the base camps for the Yatra, supplying pilgrims with an aerial view of the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes. This alternative is especially recommended for those with bodily constraints or time constraints, providing a handy and environment-friendly way to take part in the Amarnath Yatra by helicopter.

Visiting Places Near Amamrnat Temple

Here are the places we are mentioning below in the list which is located in the nearest Amarnath temple. F you want to make a mind to visit the nearest location also. Then you can choose any place from this mentioned list.

  • Baltal: A scenic vacation spot close to the Amarnath Temple, Baltal serves as a base camp for the Amarnath Yatra. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, it is a beginning factor for pilgrims selecting the shorter however difficult trekking route to the sacred cave.
  • Pahalgam: A charming city placed on the banks of the Lidder River, Pahalgam is the base camp for the longer and gentler trekking route to the Amarnath Cave. It’s recognised for its lush inexperienced meadows, and river views, and is a famous visitor destination.
  • Betaab Valley: Named after the Bollywood film Betaab, this valley is acknowledged for its attractive beauty, surrounded with the aid of snow-capped mountains and dense pine forests. It’s a tranquil spot for nature enthusiasts and journey enthusiasts.
  • Aru Valley: A pristine valley with meandering rivers and lush meadows, Aru Valley affords breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape. It’s a peaceable shrink-back surrounded by mountains, making it the best vicinity for nature walks and relaxation.
  • Chandanwari: Another vast factor on the route to Amarnath, Chandanwari is recognized for its picturesque splendor and serves as the beginning factor for the Amarnath Yatra. It’s surrounded by way of snow-capped mountains and is a serene spot for those looking for tranquility amidst nature.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Amarnath Yatra

The best time to visit Amarnath Yatra is during the summer months of June to August. During this period, the weather is relatively mild, and the Amarnath Cave is accessible. Pilgrims can undertake the sacred journey with better road and trekking conditions, experiencing the spiritual significance of the Yatra.

Is Food Free In Amarnath Yatra?

Food is now not usually free in Amarnath Yatra. Pilgrims are cautioned to make their personal preparations or buy meals alongside the trekking routes or at base camps. Various meals stalls and amenities are available, however, they typically contain a cost.

Where To Keep Luggage During Amarnath Yatra?

Pilgrims taking part in the Amarnath Yatra can avail of bags storage amenities supplied via the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board at particular areas like base camps in Baltal or Pahalgam. These tightly closed storage amenities enable pilgrims to trek to the Amarnath Cave barring the burden of carrying their luggage.


In conclusion, the Amarnath Yatra route map encompasses breathtaking landscapes and challenging yet spiritually enriching paths. Pilgrims can explore significant places like Baltal, Pahalgam, and Chandanwari on this sacred journey.