Guide to Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

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How To Reach Kedarnath- By Helicopter & Road
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Kedarnath is not a place that needs any kind of introduction whatsoever. Not only is this place one of the holiest sites in all of Hinduism, but its innate beauty also makes this holy shrine one of the more popular tourist attractions in Northern India. We don’t need to sing the praises of its beauty to convince you – it sells itself. Just do a simple Google Image Search, and you will be planning your trip, booking your travels in a hurry. Hold your horses for a minute; before you confirm any sort of plan, it is vital that you have all the information at your disposal. And you should not be surprised to read this, but it also includes the how of you reaching the summit.

Guide to Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

Sure, there is the traditional way – trekking to the top of the mountain. It is a physically exhausting but spiritually rewarding journey. But there is an equally spiritually rewarding journey that does not take that much of a physical toll on you and the rest of your party members. We are, of course, talking about the Kedarnath Dham Yatra by Helicopters. Now, if you do not know anything about Kedarnath Dham Yatra by Helicopter, don’t worry. We have created this exhaustive guide to help folks like you make plans without any worry. So, without any further wait, let’s get started.

What & Where is Kedarnath Dham?

Let’s take a brief detour to explain about Kedarnath Dham. One part of the holy Chota Char Dham, Kedarnath, is actually an abode of Lord Shiva. Yes, if you are thinking that it must be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas located in the Indian subcontinent then you are correct. Located deep in the Garhwal Himalayan mountain range, this deeply spiritual site sees millions of devotees making the difficult journey to the temple complex every year. And if you take into account that the path to the temple is only open for a few months every year, then it becomes even more impressive.

Now, if we talk about the origin of the temple, then we are a bit in the muddy waters. Legend has it that this temple was constructed by the Pandava brothers (yes, the very same Pandavas from Mahabharata). The legend speaks about how they sought Lord Shiva to absolve them of their sins from the battle. They finally found Lord Shiva here – in the form of a bull – and at the very spot now stands the Kedarnath temple.

Why Choose a Helicopter Pilgrimage to Kedarnath Dham?

Now that we have got that out of the way, let us turn our heads back to the subject of this blog – Helicopter Yatra to Kedarnath. And the first question when one hears this term is – WHY? So let us answer that. And to do that, we will look into the benefits that come with it.

  1. Accessibility – Naturally, accessibility is the biggest advantage of choosing a Helicopter Pilgrimage over any other. As we have mentioned earlier, the trek to the Kedarnath temple is quite a physical challenge. This is something that makes it nearly impossible for the elderly and those with medical conditions to take part in the journey. However, a helicopter yatra of Kedarnath still allows folks to reach the temple without facing the physically challenging trek.
  2. Time Saving – Something that is already a bit obvious is the time saving nature that comes with the Helicopter Yatra. There was a time when you could have only gone through the traditional way, spending nearly a day trekking to the top. Now this can be done within an hour or so. This is quite a significant difference, allowing pilgrims to spend more time inside the temple than journeying to it.
  3. Comfort – Comfort is not usually one of the biggest concerns for many pilgrims. This is partially due to the challenging aspect of the journey – however, that does not mean that it is a non-factor. A helicopter yatra to Kedarnath Dham allows travelers to reach the holy site in comfort, saving them from the physical strain of the trek.
  4. Flexibility – Due to the time-saving nature of the helicopter yatra, and even a small part of the comfort factor, you would have the flexibility to see more at your convenience. The Kedarnath temple is just one of the many spiritually significant sites in the area – and by traveling through the helicopter, you would have the flexibility to explore them as well.
  5. The Magnificent Views – Finally, we cannot complete this list of benefits without talking about the alluring views that are awaiting you on the helicopter yatra. The Garhwal Himalayas are filled with breathtaking sights. And while you can experience them on a traditional pilgrimage as well, just think about the beauty you will witness from a bird’s eye view.

Planning your Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter

With the benefits of Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter out of the way – and with most of the readers already on board with us (our gut feeling!) – it is time to help you with the planning aspect of the journey. Now, this can get a bit tricky as there are multiple aspects of the journey that must be taken into account. So, let’s go through them one by one.

The Best Time to Visit

Naturally, the first question that you should be asking (after deciding to go with the helicopter Yatra) is when? And the answer to that is between the months of May & June and then from September to October. Now we are not saying this for shits and giggles, but in fact, during these months, the weather is the most pleasant, ensuring that you can take flight without any issue.

When to Avoid

Don’t make your bookings into the monsoon months – regardless of how great the package you are getting. This is because, during these months, the region sees heavy rainfall, and there is also the risk of landslides. All of these will make your journey even more challenging.

How to Make your Booking

Now, when it comes to booking a Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter, you ultimately have two options. And they are (drum roll please):

  1. Government-Approved Operators (IRCTC) – https://www.heliyatra.irctc.co.in/
  2. Private Operators

Government-Approved Operators (IRCTC)

Yes, this is the same IRCTC we are talking about that handles catering and tourism in Indian Railways. They also offer helicopter services to Kedarnath temple, and you can easily book them through the IRCTC website.

Private Operators

If you are looking for more options and flexibility, then there are several private players in the market that you can consider. Make sure that you have selected a reputable service provider – who has a good safety record. Also, compare prices and offerings before confirming any bookings.

Authorized Helicopter Companies for 2024

Helicopter services to Kedarnath will begin on 10 May 2024. In the previous year, the administration authorized nine aviation companies to operate from Sirsi, Phata, and Guptkashi Helipads. For 2024, the following companies have been approved to provide helicopter services to Kedarnath:

Helipad Authorized Companies
Guptkashi Trans Bharat Aviation, Aryan Aviation
Phata Pawan Hans, Thumby Aviation, Global Vectra Helicorp, Trans Bharat Aviation
Sirsi Arrow Aircraft, Himalayan Heli Services, Kestrel Aviation

Updated Helicopter Ticket Prices for Kedarnath

The government has set the prices for helicopter tickets to Kedarnath for the year 2024.

Helicopter Shuttle Charges to Kedarnath 2024

Route (Helipad) Round Trip Cost
Phata to Kedarnath – Phata Rs 6074
Sirsi to Kedarnath – Sirsi Rs 6072
Guptkashi to Kedarnath – Guptkashi Rs 8426

*These prices are fixed by the government and may change as per regulatory updates.

Useful Tip: Always book your ticket in advance. Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter is quite a popular option for many pilgrims, and with limited seats available, you would not want to be left waiting at the helipad. So, make sure you have an advance booking, especially during the peak season.