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 Do have a plan to make this holy trip to Mata Vaishno Devi, along with this will be thinking what is the best time to visit Vaishno Devi temple? If you want to know and wondering to find the answer to this question. Then relax, here you can know all and everything about visiting timing of Vaishno Devi temple. But before should know about the Vaishno Devi temple story which will give you the reason to come to this pilgrimage holy destination.

About Vaishno Devi Temple And Visiting Timing

About Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi temple is one of the most popular pilgrimage tourist attractions. The temple is situated in Trikuta Himalaya which is located in Jammu and Kashmir in India. Once upon a time, a girl child grew with the time and came to the teenage stage, she was a very beautiful girl. So, Baironath king of Trikuta, decides to marry Vaishno but she doesn’t agree with him, and after getting rejected, he is angry with her and tries to punish her. Then Vaishno decided i hide from the Baironath and hide in this holy cave which is famous for the Vaisno Devi temple.

Over time, Vaishno took the shape of a stone in a cave, the place she persisted in her penance. The story then introduces Bhairon Nath, a disciple of a sage, who grew to become obsessed with marrying Vaishno. When she resisted, Vaishno fled deeper into the cave. Bhairon, relentless in his pursuit, chased her.

Ultimately, as Bhairon caught up with Vaishno in the cave, she changed into an effective goddess. In a fierce battle, she vanquished Bhairon. Before dying, Bhairon realized the divine nature of Vaishno and sought her forgiveness.

Right Time To Visit Mata Vaishno Devi- As suggested time is between March to October if you want to visit Vaishno Devi. A large number of devotees come here to take the blessing of the Goddess. In these months, the weather is very pleasant.  

March To October- The best time to visit Mata Vaishno Devi depends on personal preferences and weather conditions. However, the most popular and favorable time for the pilgrimage is from March to October. During this period, the weather is relatively pleasant, and the pilgrimage route is generally open and accessible. The temperature is moderate, making the trek more comfortable for devotees.

November to February- Avoid planning your visit during the winter months, from November to February, as the region experiences heavy snowfall, and the trekking paths may be challenging and risky.

Vaishno Devi Temple Visiting Time

Timings can also differ based totally on season, festivals, or exceptional occasions. Check the respectable temple timetable for correct aarti timings at some point during your visit.

  • Morning Aarti (Mangal Aarti): Conducted earlier than first light for a spiritually uplifting beginning to the day.
  • Evening Aarti (Sandhya Aarti): Held around sunset, supplying a serene environment as the day concludes.

How To Visit Vaishno Devi?

You can visit Vaishno Devi by using several ways and all these we have mentioned here below. So, let’s check to know.

  • By Trekking: The most traditional and popular way is to trek to Vaishno Devi from Katra, covering approximately 13 kilometers. The well-maintained path offers a scenic journey.
  • Pony Rides: Pony rides are available for those who prefer not to trek. Pilgrims can hire ponies at Katra for a part or the entire journey.
  • Palanquins (Palkis): Palanquins carried by porters are another option for those who may find walking challenging. This traditional mode of transport adds a cultural touch to the pilgrimage.
  • Helicopter Services: Helicopter services operate from Katra to Sanjichhat, significantly reducing travel time. It’s a convenient but often a pricier option and if you are looking for a helicopter service then you can also visit Udan Aviation sites once to know more about the booking or tripping.

Is June A Good Time To Visit Vaishno Devi?

June is commonly a proper time to go to Vaishno Devi. The climate is pleasant, and the pilgrimage route is accessible. However, it is recommended to take a look at climate forecasts and any journey advisories, as prerequisites can vary. June marks the onset of summer, supplying a cozy and spiritually enriching ride for pilgrims.

The Best Time To Visit Vaishno Devi In December

December is no longer the perfect time to go to Vaishno Devi as the place experiences harsh wintry weather prerequisites with heavy snowfall. The pilgrimage route may additionally be difficult and risky. It’s recommended to graph visits for the duration of extra favorable months to ensure a safer and greater satisfying pilgrimage experience.

The Best Time To Visit Vaishno Devi In January

January is no longer advocated for traveling to Vaishno Devi as the location experiences extreme iciness stipulations with heavy snowfall. The pilgrimage route is regularly closed or challenging, making it unsafe. It’s recommended to format visits in the course of extra favorable months for a relaxed and invulnerable pilgrimage experience.

In Which Month Is Snowfall In Vaishno Devi?

Snowfall in Vaishno Devi typically occurs during the winter months of December to February. These months experience cold temperatures, and the region is covered in snow, making the pilgrimage route challenging. It’s advisable to avoid these months if you prefer milder weather for a more comfortable journey.

How Many Days Are Enough For Vaishno Devi?

A typical visit to Vaishno Devi may take 2 to 3 days, including the trek, temple visit, and exploring the surroundings. However, the duration can vary based on personal preferences and travel plans. Pilgrims often plan a short but spiritually fulfilling trip to this sacred destination.


The Best Time To Visit Vaishno Devi is from March to October when the weather is pleasant, and the pilgrimage route is accessible. Avoid the winter months for a safer experience. Consider planning your visit during these months for a spiritually enriching pilgrimage to the sacred Vaishno Devi Temple.