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Explore the sacred Badrinath Temple with divine timings and enriching pooja ceremonies. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura during morning, noon, and evening aartis. Discover the intricate details of Badrinath’s revered pujas, from Abhishekam to special rituals. Experience the divine serenity of this Himalayan abode and its timeless religious traditions.

Badrinath Temple Timings & Special Pooja Rates

There is a detail of Badrinath Temple Pooja Timings and rate in the table below. Let’s check.

Pooja Time Pooja Type Timings Rates (INR)
Morning Aarti Maha Abhishek (Per Person) 4:30 to 6:30 AM 4,300.00
Abhishek Puja (Per Person) 4:30 to 6:30 AM 4,101.00
Noon Aarti Ved Path (Per Person) 6:30 AM to 12 Noon & 3 PM 2,100.00
Geeta path(Per Person) 6:30 AM to 12 Noon & 3 PM 2,500.00
Evening Aarti Swarna Aarti (Per Person) 6 PM to 9 PM 376.00
Vishnusahasranam Path(Per Person) 6 PM to 9 PM 456.00
Kapoor Aarti (Per Person) 6 PM to 9 PM 151.00
Shayan Aarti(Per Person) 6 PM to 9 PM 3100.00
Special Pujas Bhagwan Nar-Narayan Janmotsava(Srawan Months) 4951.00
Shrawani abhishek (in Srawan Month) 11701.00
Shri Krishan Janmastami Utsava 10551.00

Badrinath Temple Daily Opening and Closing Timing

Badrinath Temple, nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas, opens its gates daily to welcome devotees seeking spiritual solace. The sacred portal unveils its grandeur in the early hours, typically opening at 4:30 AM, allowing pilgrims to embrace the tranquil ambiance of the morning. As the day progresses, the sanctified shrine remains accessible throughout the daylight hours.

However, devotees must be aware that the closing time might also vary, regularly aligning with the night aarti ceremonies. The temple generally closes its doorways to the public around 9:00 PM, presenting sufficient time for traffic to partake in the spiritual rituals and soak in the divine aura.

These timings might also endure seasonal changes due to climate stipulations in the region, and it is really helpful to take a look with neighborhood authorities or the temple administration for the most correct and cutting-edge schedule. Pilgrims are motivated to sketch their visits accordingly, making sure they can witness the enchanting splendor of Badrinath and take part in the sacred rituals that have captivated the hearts of devotees for centuries


What Is The Timing Of Darshan At Badrinath?

Timing for darshan at Badrinath Temple is from early morning, around 4:30 AM, to approximately 9:00 PM. Please verify with local authorities for the latest information.

Which Time Is Suitable For Badrinath?

The best time to visit Badrinath is during its pilgrimage season, typically from late April to early November. The climate is noticeably mild, permitting a blissful go to this sacred website nestled in the Himalayas.

What Is The Cost Of Badrinath Vip Darshan Ticket?

Precise important points about the fee of VIP darshan tickets at Badrinath may additionally vary. It is endorsed to take a look with the temple authorities or professional sources for the most cutting-edge and correct facts concerning VIP darshan ticket prices.

Is Booking Required For Badrinath Temple?

Booking in Enhance is no longer obligatory for generic darshan at Badrinath Temple. Pilgrims can immediately go to at some stage in the opening hours. However, for specific pujas, VIP darshan, or at some stage in height pilgrimage times, it is really helpful to take a look at the temple authorities for any unique reservation necessities or recommendations.

Can I Go to Badrinath Without Registration?

Darshan at Badrinath Temple. Pilgrims can go to all through the opening hours barring pre-registration. However, it is really helpful to test with the temple authorities for any modifications or updates in the entry procedure.


A go-to to the revered Badrinath Temple is a spiritually enriching journey, complemented by way of the breathtaking splendor of the Himalayas. Enhancing this pilgrimage experience, the Badrinath tour by helicopter presents a handy and picturesque way to attain the temple. With environment-friendly offerings and beautiful aerial views, this alternative aligns seamlessly with the temple’s timings, making sure of an undemanding and memorable visit. Embark on a Badrinath tour by way of a helicopter for a special combo of spirituality and journey amid the divine beauty of the Himalayan landscape.